When framework finds DBTD_DO_NOT_USE_TRANSACTION_OVERRIDE hint procedure, similar way to DBTD_DO_NOT_USE_TRANSACTION hint procedure, call anywhere in the body of the Unit Test procedure, test runner will NOT wrap such Unit Test into a transaction, and will NOT rollback any changes after execution, leaving behind any changes in the database. 

DBTD_DO_NOT_USE_TRANSACTION_OVERRIDE hint will force framework NOT to use transaction, regardless of the test runner options used during the run.

Use teardown functionality to clean Unit Test results if needed.

Note: Supported in Oracle and SQL Server logic, Netezza does not support transactions at this time. 

Not​e: Even if  DBTD_CREATE_MOCK_PROCEDURE or DBTD_CREATE_STUB_PROCEDURE procedures are used in a unit test, the framework will NOT use any transactions.


  • v_Message – user message, Variable Characters (4000). Optional parameter, default value 'Transactions will NOT be used'. SQL Server version uses NVARCHAR(MAX) data type.



SQL Server

      EXEC DBTD_DO_NOT_USE_TRANSACTION_OVERRIDE 'Keep test changes in the database, because they will be used in the other test suite';


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