Contains detailed test result information for objects that were asserted by Unit Tests

NOTE: Available in SQL Server version of the framework  

Column Name Data Type Description
EventID BIGINT Unique identifier of the test result detail record. IDENTITY column.
EventDate DATETIME  
ObjectID BIGINT Database Object ID that has been asserted by a particular Unit Test. 
ObjectName NVARCHAR(128) The name of the asserted object
ObjectDatabaseName NVARCHAR(128) Database where asserted object exist 
ObjectSchemaName NVARCHAR(128) Asserted object schema name
ObjectFullName NVARCHAR(128) Full object name: MyDatabase.MySchema.MyObject
NOTE: Might contain square brackets [MyDatabase].[MySchema].[MyObject]
UnitTestName NVARCHAR(128) Name of a unit test performed an asserting operation related to this object 
UnitTestRunID BIGINT A unit test identification number that were assigned by the DB Test Driven framework for and individual unit test run, every time unit test runs it gets new run id.
CallingProcName NVARCHAR(128) The name of the Assert procedure that were used to check this object


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